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From shitty to least crappy.

10. Music Genres by Drew Magary


+9. Every Episode From Lost by Thomas McKenna

*8. Holes by Kevin Montgomery

7. Pastries by Dayna Evans


6. American Cities by Jordan Sargent

5. Koala Fights by JK Trotter


∂4. Sauces by Tom Scocca

3. Neapolitan Ice Cream Flavors by Alber Burneko

^2. Best Breads for Breakfast Sandwiches by Hamilton Nolan


∆1. Mariah Carey Singles by Rich Juzwiak



+ Lost sucks

* Vagina not on list.

∂ Ketchup is a food accessory, not a sauce.

^ The idea that an english muffin is the best delivery system for a breakfast sandwich is borderline psychotic.


∆ Impossible to rank. They're all amazing.

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